Did you know that the 16th of October is Boss’s Day? We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our Boss, Company Director Corinne!

Corinne’s parents started International Translations Limited back in 1976, and Corinne took over the running of the company in 2017. Despite growing up surrounded by the language service industry, Corinne obtained a degree in Zoology from the University of Liverpool, and followed this up with a masters in Advanced Biological Sciences! After a couple of years working in a Lab as a Quality Control Technician, she spent several months in Kenya, as a Conservation and Community volunteer. On her return, she began working at International Translations Limited, and this is where her passion for business and languages really blossomed. Within 18 months she was officially made director! She has been working hard ever since to put her own stamp on the business, whilst still maintaining the businesses reputation as a high quality language service provider.

 Although naturally passionate about her own business, Corinne is also deeply invested in helping other businesses start up and thrive. She is always on hand to help, whether this is via her mentoring work with Business Students at the University of Liverpool, talks for GCSE Business Students at local schools, or via her instagram page aimed at women in business. She has also been back to Kenya to school the local women’s group in business basics, so they can better sell goods to local tourists.

In addition, Corinne is also a Council member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), as well as in charge of their Small Business Initiative!

See Right, Corinne at the recent ATC Language Industry Summit, where she delivered a presentation about the benefits of selling language services locally.

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When Corinne isn’t in the office, she can be found spending time with her dogs, Toby and Tilly, and her horse, Tom!

Happy Boss’s Day Corinne! 

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