Google Translate is the app the tech giant hopes will take the translations world by storm and all but negate the need for translation and interpreting services.

As good as it is though, it’s doubtful it will ever truly replace professional translation services – we certainly hope not anyway!

A potentially greater concern though is that Google won’t stop with simple translation services, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to suggest the tech giant’s long game is to actually own all languages, including written and spoken words, so it can re-write the news and history just like Big Brother in 1984.

If you’re in any doubt that Google’s plan is to one day take over the world, consider the following:

  • It practically owns the internet
  • It’s producing giant robot dogs
  • And fitting them with artificial intelligence
  • And weapons
  • It’s well into the idea of all cars being driverless
  • It’s actually strapping little backpacks onto insects to control them

And you don’t have to check out our word for it, check out Three ways in which Google will kill us all – it’s as though the boffins at Google have never ever watched a single sci-fi movie between them.

“Don’t be evil”, indeed.

The thing is, its not quite as clever as it thinks it is, and Google Translate – while good for quick, on-the-spot translations – has some hilarious flaws, such as these…

Google Translate fails

1. Scandanavian or Canadian?


2. Now I’m a Belieber


3. More bok for your buck


4. Capital cock up


5. Who’s better?


6. Not a fan of Motorola


7. Not a fan of Facebook either


And then there’s this…

And if you’re still not convinced that Google Translate can be erratic, to say the least, check out this article from The Guardian – Can Google Translate understand the Liverpool accent?

Have you had any Google Translate fails? Let us know…