We consider ourselves to be experts in translation and interpreting within the legal sector, having carried out work for smaller firms leading up to global law firms for over 40 years. All of our translators only translate into their mother tongue for accuracy purposes and only those who are specialists in the legal profession are considered for legal translation projects to ensure that particular legal terms are translated correctly and so that the context of the document is understood.

Examples of legal translations we have translated include the following: contracts, pleadings, judgements, witness statements, court documents, claims, expert opinions, terms and conditions documentation, disputes, legal correspondence, patents, in particular patent infringement disputes and patent litigation, trademark descriptions and assignment of intellectual property rights, depositions, Powers of attorney, adoption documents, wills, overseas property acquisition or sales and criminal law documents. We also translate birth, death and marriage certificates with ATC “Certified Translation” stamp for use by the Home Office, passport offices and all official agencies.

We are able to provide certified translations in the following forms:

  • Notarisation
  • Affadavit before a solicitor
  • Company stamped certification

As well as document translation, we also supply interpreters for legal, hospital or doctor appointments as well as for court hearings or visits to the domicile accompanied by a lawyer for the preparation of court proceedings.

All of our interpreters are registered with governing bodies that require linguists to have the qualifications that meet the National Occupational Standards of interpreting and a minimum of 400 hours’ public service interpreting experience within the UK. Interpreters are also subject to a professional code of conduct of the National Register for Public Service Interpreting.

We understand that often cases are of a particularly sensitive nature and are often on a tight deadline and are able to ensure linguists comply with our strict client confidentiality policy and are available for translation and interpreting at short notice.


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