Wikitongues is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014 by three friends from Brooklyn, New York. The organisiation started with the ambitious goal of documenting, in one way or another, every language in the world. They hope that this will provide the tools and support people need to save their native languages.

In the last 5 years, the team has collected 435 languages via video submission from native speakers. The ongoing work done by Wikitongues is especially important when we consider that, of the estimated 6500 languages in the world, about half of these are in danger of disappearing. The Wikitongues community is operated by volunteers from around the world, therefore allowing communities to have a central role in the preservation of their own languages. 

Even with the vast reach of the internet, less than 1 percent of all languages are actively represented online. Wikitounges are working hard to increase this figure, and although there have been over 400+ languages documented by volunteer submission, there is still a huge way to go. There is massive variety within the 435 languages Wikitongues has documented on their Youtube channel. Some, like English, Mandarin and Farsi have hundreds of millions of speakers. Others are more uncommon. Bora, for example, is spoken by only a few thousand people in the Amazon regions of Peru and Columbian.

Wikitongues co-founder Daniel Bogre Udell described one of the more uncommon (and endangered) languages Wikitongues has helped preserve in an interview with VOA: “We have [a] volunteer from Scotland who is one of the last speakers of a variety of Scottish dialects.” Udell added, “He’s in the process of reclaiming them, revitalizing, and building a dictionary for them.”

For more information on the work Wikitounges do, check out their website. To take a look at the hundreds of languages preserved by Wikitounges in video format, check out their Youtube Channel!

Wikitounges are a non-profit organisation, if you would like to support the incredible work they do in documenting and preserving languages, you can make a donation HERE

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