A team of linguists at the University of York last year rediscovered 30 “lost” words from the English language. These words have fallen out of use with time but are actually still relevant today. The researchers scoured through old books and dictionaries, looking for words that are no longer in use in the English language today, but still have value in a modern setting!

The researchers grouped the 30 “lost words” into three areas they felt were most relevant to modern life: post-truth (deception); appearance, personality and behaviour; and emotions.

One of the linguists working on the project, Dr Watt, said: “As professional linguists and historians of English we were intrigued by the challenge of developing a list of lost words that are still relevant to modern life, and that we could potentially campaign to bring back into modern day language.”

The full list is available here, but we picked out our five favourites below:

Betrump, v: To deceive, cheat; to elude, slip from

Slug-a-bed, n: One who lies long in bed through laziness

Rouzy-bouzy, adj: Boisterously drunk

Merry-go-sorry, n: A mixture of joy and sorrow

Ear-rent, n: The figurative cost to a person of listening to trivial or incessant talk

Which of these lost words would be most useful for you? Let us know on our social media pages!

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