In honour of World Kindness Day, we wanted to put together a list of compliments in a variety of world languages that can help improve someone’s day. Read on to discover an array of compliments you can pay to someone in a different language. Whether you have a bilingual colleague or friend, or just want to try your hand at complimenting someone in German, the below will be sure to make someone smile (even if you do have to explain what you said afterwards)! 



“Du siehst heute toll aus” 

“You look great today”


“Eres un amigo increí­ble”

“You are an incredible friend”


“Je ziet er prachtig uit”

“You look beautiful”



你很帅。(Nǐ hěn shuài)

“You’re handsome”



“Tabasamu yako ni nzuri” 

“Your smile is beautiful”



“Bom trabalho!

“Great Job!”


 لديك حس فكاهي عالي(ladayka ḥissun fukāhī ʿal-ī.)

“You have a great sense of humour”


तुम समझदार हो!(tum samajhdar ho!)-

“You’re smart!”


Why not spread a bit of kindness today and compliment someone!

What’s the nicest compliment you have ever recieved? Let us know on our Social Media accounts, below!

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