Translation services can be of real use to businesses for a number of reasons. We wanted to go into just a couple of these below! 

Translation services can help you:

Reach a wider audience

It’s the aim of every business to increase sales. Therefore it is of vital importance to harness the largest customer pool possible. Engaging with potential customers in their own native language is a great way to attract, maintain and build a relationship with your customers. It is a huge mistake to think that you can still conduct business in English globally because ‘everyone speaks English’. Although a commonly held misconception, this is simply not true. English is significantly less popular than we speakers would like to believe. It is a second language to only 39% of the French population, less than 35% of the Italian population and under 23% of the Spanish population. These figures get even worse when we look at the 5% of Russians and Brazilians that speak English fluently, and the less than 0.75% of the Chinese population! Given that the combined population of these last three countries is over 1.7 billion, it should be clear that not translating your content can have huge economic repercussions on your business! 

Improve company image

Being a business that crosses borders can increase your credibility and make you stand out from your competitors. If none of your competitors are operating in different languages, then you’re already a step ahead of the game and more likely to be selected by your customers. Having a multilingual website will increase your online presence, as customers from several different countries will have access to your company online when browsing keywords in the local language. This will help customers see you as more reliable and relevant. Translation also creates goodwill between your business and your customer, showing potential and existing customers in a foreign market that you are serious about establishing a presence in that market, that you respect their needs, and the local culture.

Build trust

If you address potential customers in their own language, they will be able to understand your message with ease and more comprehensively, so your message is bound to resonate more with your potential customer. It is important to remember that while trust in your brand can be built by translation, it can also be badly shaken by bad/incorrect translation. Business translation must be done by a qualified human translator to make sure that the message you want to send to your customers is getting across to them in one piece. You wouldn’t allow a computer programme to write your English copy, so why would that be any different for a foreign language? Also key in building trust is not only to translate, but also localise your marketing material, to ensure it is resonating correctly with a foreign client base In addition,being recognised beyond the borders of your local company will make your business seem more trustworthy to foreign customers and will increase your credibility, as well as potential customer pool. 

Reduce Miscommunication

Professional translation services are vital in getting across your company message exactly as you intend it to be received. If you rely on a machine translation tool, your customers will be getting a garbled version of your brand message and will be much less likely to invest in your product/service. Your copy might be beautifully written in English, but if a foreign customer is reading a poor translation, with grammatical errors, odd syntax etc, they are likely to mistrust your business. Think about it, you wouldn’t buy from a website that looked like it had been written by a robot! Both machine translation and no translation at all make the potential customer feel like an afterthought, not valued by your business. If a potential customer has to read your content in a language that is not their own or read a garbled machine-translated version, they are likely to feel much less comfortable purchasing your product/service. You don’t want potential customers to feel as if they have struggled to understand your message/product/service or feel like they have missed important details that could inform their decision by not having access to a proper translation of your material.  This uncertainty will make the client very likely to turn to a competitor that offers multilingual services, e.g websites, resources and terms and conditions. 

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