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International Translations Limited is a long-established language services business that has been successfully providing our clients with expertise in all major world languages for over 35 years.

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Personal Translation and interpreting Services

We also provide personal translation and interpreting Services.

We also provide our services for personal translation requirements including marriage/birth/divorce certificates and house deeds. To see how we can help you please get in touch with us.

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Washington Post translation – education or clickbait?
Posted on Monday June 20, 2016

newspaperIf you’re one of those people who considers the US to be an inward looking nation, obsessed by border control and who can and can’t enter – a (mis?)conception that will only be intensified if Trump ever gets control of The White House – then it’ll come as a surprise to hear the Washington Post in using translation to..

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A Bible translation too far?
Posted on Thursday June 02, 2016

BibleITLThe Bible is the  most translated book in the world – latest figures show that as of November 2014 the full Bible had been translated into 531 languages, with 2,883 languages having at least some portion of the Bible translated. And now it’s being translated into another ‘language’ – emoji. Is this a step too far for translations? The..

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‘Pilot’ tech tackles interpreting and instant translations
Posted on Monday May 30, 2016

Image: Waverly LabsIf you’re in translations you’ll be up to speed with the tools and programmes that  make the business that little bit easier – Memcat, Memsource and Trados, to name but three. And translation tech has reached the masses thanks to apps like Google Translate and Skype Translator, while Twitter has added Bing Translate to translate tweets from different..

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